Energiequelle Commissions German Solar Park

Energiequelle Commissions German Solar Park

Energiequelle has commissioned a solar park with 8,500 modules in Schönfeld, Brandenburg, Germany.

The 2.75MW park was developed on the basis of the urban development plan and was built on a former landfill site.

The converted area is 3.5 hectares in total.

Construction work began in January, and almost four months later the plant was connected to the grid.

Compensatory measures will follow in autumn, Energiequelle said. 

The output is expected to produce an annual yield of 2,700,000 kWh, which corresponds to the supply of around 850 three-person households. 

Construction work was performed exclusively by companies from the region.

Therefore, the substructure of the plants comes from Berlin, the assembly team from Rostock and the planning of compensatory measures from Prignitz.  

Ole Martens, project manager for Energiequelle, is delighted with the excellent cooperation with the Quitzow agricultural cooperative, the town of Perleberg and the regional companies.

He said: "Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to commission the park as planned.

"I am very happy about this and thank everyone involved for their great commitment." 

More parks with a total capacity of 15.5MW are currently under construction, including in France.


Commissioning is planned for this year.


Credits: renews.biz

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