Eolus To Set Up Shop In Poland

Eolus To Set Up Shop In Poland

Eolus has announced it is establishing operations in Poland, moving into a fast-growing market when it comes to renewable energy.

The market entry is based on the company’s strategy for growth, Eolus said, with a focus on both onshore and offshore wind power and solar PV.

 As part of this, it has hired Daniel Larsson as country manager to lead the operations in Poland.

Larsson, who has been living in Poland since many years, comes to Eolus from a position at the Swedish Embassy in Warsaw.

At the Embassy he worked with supporting and developing Swedish business and investors in Poland.

 Focus was on energy and climate-related projects.

Larsson has previously been the head of Business Sweden in Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

The Polish market offers great opportunities within renewable electricity production, according to Eolus.

 Poland is one of Europe´s most fossil dependent countries where coal provides 70% of the electricity production.

 The country also plans to close all coal mines by the year 2049 to reach its climate policy commitments.

 Renewables currently provides about 18% of the electricity production.

Eolus sees great business opportunities in this transition from primarily coal to an electricity production based more on solar power as well as onshore wind power and offshore wind power.

 Already during 2020, Poland was the European country that installed fourth most solar power and the forecasts show continued growth.

 The country also has great potential within wind power, currently having ninth most installed wind power capacity in Europe.

 Eolus intends to contribute to the necessary transition by development, construction, sales, and asset management services of facilities with the lowest possible cost for the benefit of Polish industry and Polish consumers.

 Larsson said: "It´s going to be very exciting to lead and head Eolus operations in Poland.

 "The market has great potential and Eolus has all the possibilities to be a successful part of the necessary transition of the Polish energy market."

 Eolus chief executive Per Witalisson added: "Eolus has identified growth potential in Poland and the entry of the Polish market aligns with our ambitions for growth.

 "I'm very pleased with our recruitment of Daniel Larsson and I'm convinced that Eolus will establish a successful presence in one of Europe’s most exciting markets for renewable energy and energy storage.

 "I look forward to being able to offer our customers competitive investments in Poland." 


Credits: renews.biz


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