Euro energy players launch solar-hydrogen project

Euro energy players launch solar-hydrogen project

A group of mainly Spanish and French energy players have launched a project that aims to deliver low-cost green hydrogen at scale made using electricity from solar.

The HyDeal Ambition initiative aims to delivering 100% green hydrogen across Europe at €1.5/kg by 2030.

The production of green hydrogen generated by solar-driven electrolysis from the Iberian Peninsula will begin in 2022 with the goal of scaling capacity to 95GW of solar to drive 67GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030, enabling annual production of 3.6 million tonnes of green hydrogen.
Off takers will be companies in the energy, industrial and mobility sectors that will be supplied with green hydrogen via the gas transmission and storage network.

A phased approach is anticipated with first deliveries in Spain and the south-west of France followed by an extension towards the east of France and then Germany.

The HyDeal Ambition initiative comprises a series of projects and partnerships involving the 30 participants of HyDeal Ambition,

The first initiative is expected within a year in Spain, based on a portfolio of solar sites with a capacity of close to 10GW.

HyDeal spokesperson Thierry Lepercq said: “HyDeal Ambition brings together visionary CEOs and entrepreneurs, who share the determination to accelerate the energy transition.

“HyDeal Ambition constitutes a complete industrial ecosystem spanning the whole green hydrogen value chain (upstream, midstream, downstream, finance), and results from two years of research, analysis, modelling, feasibility studies and contract design.

“HyDeal Ambition makes it possible to produce and deliver competitive green hydrogen in Europe.”

Participants include solar developers DH2/Dhamma Energy (Spain), Falck Renewables (Italy), Qair (France), electrolyser manufacturers, engineering and EPC providers McPhy Energy (France) and Vinci Construction (France) and energy companies Gazel Energie (France), Naturgy (Spain) and HDF Energie (France).

Other members also include gas grid operators Enagas (Spain), OGE (Germany), SNAM (Italy), GRTgaz (France) and Teraga (France).


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