Green light for the offshore development center of the UK

Green light for the offshore development center of the UK

Planning permission has been given for a production zone for the offshore wind industry on the site of the former SSI steelworks in Redcar, north-east England.

The development will include land alongside the River Tees undergoing remediation and development into a factory complex for the industry.

As early as 2022, initial tenants could be in.

Over the eight-year construction plan, the site would also generate one thousand construction jobs.

The planning permission follows Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen's recent announcement of a £ 90m 1.3km quay at Teesworks, which will benefit the proposed offshore wind production site.

With the latest phase of remediation work on a site adjacent to the South Bank, a further 30 jobs are expected to be developed.

At the beginning of October, the initial phase of site clearance and advanced demolition was completed on time.

As part of Houchen's dedication to creating local employment by providing these opportunities to local companies, the contract for the £ 4m project was awarded to Hall Construction.

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