R Power Lands 300MW In Latest Polish Auction

R Power Lands 300MW In Latest Polish Auction

Polish solar developer R Power has secured 299MW of solar capacity under the latest renewable energy auctions in the country.

The developer secured the capacity in auctions held between 8 and 11 June 2021.

The projects have been awarded 15-year differential contracts, providing them with a guaranteed level of electricity selling prices.

The projects, located throughout Poland, will be commissioned by 2023 at the latest.

In the recent years R Power has won solar auctions for the total installed capacity of almost 700 MWp.

“Our current strategy is based on building our own portfolio of solar farms as an independent power producer.

“After winning the auction, our own portfolio will increase to 471MW, which brings us significantly closer to our medium-term goal of 1GW of power in the European Union” said R Power CEO Przemek Pieta.


Credits: renews.biz

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