SolarEdge launches three phase inverters in the UK and Ireland

SolarEdge launches three phase inverters in the UK and Ireland

SolarEdge is launching its next generation of commercial three phase inverters in the UK and Ireland.

It is releasing its 30kW and 33.3kW three phase inverters for 230/400V grids, which are designed to combine commercial capacity with ease of installation. The company said the new inverters are ~25% lighter than its competitors, helping to make installation easier.

They include field-replaceable surge protection devices – an integrated type 2 DC SPD and optional additions of a type 2 AC SPD and RS485 SPD. These offer enhanced protection during lightning events, which can eliminate the need to purchase and install external devices to protect them.

SolarEdge’s three phase inverters support a 3-wire grid connection, which will further lower RCD per inverter (<100mA) for multi-inverter systems.

The new inverters are battery-ready and capable of integrating with commercial StorEdge solutions when available, as they support DC oversizing of up to 150%. They are able to leverage additional power from DC oversizing, supporting future energy upgrades like storage, by redirecting energy that would normally be lost in an AC-coupled solution to a battery for optimised self-consumption.

The released of SolarEdge’s three phase inverters in the UK follows the solar manufacturer unveiling a new smart phone app in 2019, which professed to make inverter installation and commissioning easier for installers.

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