US Solar Duo Switch on 200MW Georgia PV Portfolio

US Solar Duo Switch on 200MW Georgia PV Portfolio

A US solar partnership has delivered a 200MW photovoltaic portfolio that spans three utility-scale projects in Georgia.  

 The portfolio has been developed by Green Power EMC, the renewable energy provider for 38 Georgia Electric Membership Corporations (EMCs), and Shell’s solar platform Silicon Ranch.

 The total capacity is distributed across two counties in the south western and south eastern parts of the southern state.

Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan said: “EMCs maintain a balanced and diverse portfolio to meet the energy needs of Georgia's consumers – and that includes innovative sources like solar.

 "They've harnessed Georgia's natural resources to power our homes, drive economic development, and provide hundreds of jobs in construction and installation."

 The three projects were commissioned on schedule and were developed, funded, and built by Silicon Ranch, which also owns, operates, and maintains the arrays throughout the lifecycle of each facility.

 Green Power EMC is purchasing all the energy and environmental attributes generated by the facilities on behalf of its member EMCs for the next thirty years.

 The first site, Hazlehurst 3 (40MW), came online in December 2019 and is located in Jeff Davis County.

 In August 2020 Silicon Ranch commissioned the second site, the Terrell solar farm (74MW, in Terrell County.

 In December 2020, the partners commissioned the third and final site in the portfolio, Snipesville 1 (86MW) which is also located in Jeff Davis County.

 Representative Gerald Greene, of House District 151 that includes Terrell and eight other counties said: “The cooperatives' commitment to South Georgia means our community develops expertise in solar.

 "That means jobs, investments and long-term benefits for Terrell County, and our entire region."

 Thirty-two of Georgia's EMCs share in the three facilities' power production.

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