NBD-UK07 White Replacement filters

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Effortless combination of eye and respiratory protection. One piece lens has Anti Mist and Anti Scratch Coatings. FMP2 Filtration Gives 94% Efficiency. Spectacle Conforms to EN166.1.F. Filter Mask Conforms to EN18271991:A1:2009. This is a Stylish and professional looking Combination. The goggles are impact resistant, scratch resistant, and Anti Mist. Although mainly for dust protection, there is also secondary protection where there is risk of mists and fumes as the soft mask moulds itself to the shape of the face and offers an effective seal. The P2 dust protection 94% factor is perfectly adequate for most applications, with P3 protection available for extreme environments or where fibre glass, lead fume or mineral fibres are an issue. The filters are disposable and easily replaced. The low resistance valve reduces moisture and CO2 build up. A hugely capable and lightweight and comfortable item.