12V 200 AH AGM Battery Storage Solar 12V 200ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

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Key Features: 
♦Rechargeable 12V 200ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery
♦Gelled electrolyte made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume

♦The electrolyte is gel like, immobile and does not leak, enabling uniform reaction of each part of the plate. 
♦High rate discharge performance due to tight assembly technology
♦Strong heat dissipation and wide operating temperature range
♦Avoid acid mist being separated out, environment friendliness
♦Efficient venting system release excessive gas automatically

♦Solar and wind energy storage system
♦EPS and UPS battery backup
♦Signal system, emergency lighting system, security system
♦Telecommunication Equipment
♦Power plant and transmission system

Size: 522*240*224mm
Warranty: 2 Years
Service Life: 10 Years
Weight: 60 KG