No Dig Ground Screw Anchor Fits Standard 4x4 (3.5" X 3.5" Inch)

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No dig ground screw anchor is made with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel to guarantee ground screw integrity for decades to come. Concrete free, you do not need worry about digging, mixing, or waiting for concrete to set, the U-Model ground screw stirrup is 100% loadable immediately after installation.
U open = 91mm metal ground screw is the most versatile tool on the market for anchoring 4x4 wood post into the ground, 4” x 4” actual size 3.5” x 3.5”=89*89mm, it’s easy to remove and relocate.

Tube Diameter: 68mm

Tube Thickness: 2mm

Tube Length L1=550mm, 730mm, 865mm

U Length L2=135mm

U Open W=71mm, 91mm