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Indium Phosphide(InP) is the compound of Indium and Phosphide.
Compared with GaAs or GaP,InP single crystal substrate has larger lattice constant,therefore it is possible to grow epitaxial like InGaAs,AlInAs,InGaAsP and AlGAINAs etc by matching the lattice on substrate(unifying lattice constant).
By combining these materials,it's possible to produce light-receiving and emitting device for light communication, super-fast transistor and resonance tunneling diode.

  • Indium Phosphide Typical Applications:

1) InP has been a focus of development since the early 1980s, and today the material is being used as a platform for a wide variety of fiber communications components, including lasers, LEDs, semiconductor optical amplifiers, modulators and photo-detectors.

2) InP applications for discrete active devices are widespread in communications networking, making it the natural starting place for wholesale integration of passive devices for a complete system on a chip. As a semiconductor material, InP can provide all-in-one integrated functionality that includes light generation, detection, amplification, high- speed modulation and switching, as well as passive splitting, combining and routing. The same material can be used to make high-speed modulators, switches, amplifiers and detectors, or just passive wave guides for interconnecting these diverse devices.