BD01 Motion Sensor Light Solar Light 20LED Wall Mounted Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Lighting Entrance Garden Wall Garden Waterproof 120 ° Wide Angle 10 Pieces Se

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  •  Product details: Set of 10 
  • ■ Size: Length 12.5cm * Width 9.5cm * Height 4.7cm
  • ■ Weight: Approximately 157g (1 piece)
  • ■ Solar panel: 0.55w 5.5V
  • ■ LED light: bluish white (6000K)
  • ■ LED light: 20 LEDs
  • ■ Power: 1W
  • ■ Sensor angle: 120 °
  • ■ Recommended installation height: Approximately 2M
  • ■ Charging time: 7 hours
  • ■ Operating time: Approximately 12 hours
  • ■ Waterproof grade: Waterproof IP64
  • ■ Night sensor: Sensor sensing distance about 3M
  • ■ Solar panel: 19% conversion efficiency 
  • ■ Body material: ABS resin + polycarbonate
  • Zero electricity bill! Energy conversion rate is 17%! The solar panel collects solar power during the day and stores the energy in the built-in rechargeable battery. Since solar energy is converted to electricity and it is an independent power source, the electricity bill is zero! Friendly to the household budget! It is a measure against global warming!
  • 7 hours or more of direct sunlight is required to fully charge the battery. It can be used for about 12 hours on a full charge. The motion sensor automatically turns on and off in response to movement. With a built-in motion sensor, the light turns on automatically when a person passes by in a dark environment. It turns off automatically after about 15 seconds. The sensitive range is 3-5 meters. Since the solar light is designed to the IP64 standard, it can be applied outdoors and there is no need to worry about bad weather such as heavy rain and snow .
  • No wiring required, easy to install. No electrical work is required.
  • Installation location: Great for entrances, gardens, corridors, parks, gardens, mailboxes, porch, outdoor parking lots, etc.!