Outdoor Sensor Light ② Separable solar rechargeable 35 LED light Human sensor automatic lighting / 9χ

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■ New type! Separate type.
■ It is OK if you install it in a sunny place!
■ Since it can be integrated, it can be used according to the installation location.
■ With the attached extension cord, the light and panel can be installed at a maximum distance of about 2.5 m.
■ For entrances, gardens, garages, etc.
■ No batteries required, solar rechargeable, zero electricity bill
■ When the panel part becomes dark, it operates according to the setting.
■ Lighting mode 3 patterns, easy setting just by pressing the ON / OFF switch
 (1) Off → Fully lit by sensor motion detection → Off in about 20 seconds
 (2) Weak lighting → Fully lit by sensor motion detection → In about 20 seconds Weak lighting
 (3) Always weak lighting only
 (4) OFF
■ 35 high-brightness SMD LEDs installed
■ Accessories: 2.5m extension cord x 1 Wall mounting screw x 2 Concrete plug x 2
■ Size (approx.) H135 * W100 * D50mm
■ 1 piece
* Please choose a place where the solar panel is exposed to sunlight for as long as possible.