Solar light [Set of 2] Outdoor 100COB High-brightness motion sensor 1200 lumens Solar charging IP66 Waterproof Dustproof Motion detection Nighttime automatic lighting Angle adjustable

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[100 COB LED & high brightness]
100 high brightness COB LED lights are installed, and it is automatically charged with solar energy in the daytime and converted to electricity. Very bright LED lights are available thanks to solar charging, efficient solar panels and high capacity batteries.

[Large capacity 2200mAh constantly lit light long life] When the maximum storage capacity is also charged at 2200mAh for 8 hours, it can be used as a constantly lit light and can illuminate for about 10 hours. (Charging time and lighting time change depending on the weather) The surface is made of aluminum to prevent aging deterioration of parts, so it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Achieves a longer service life than other products.

[Solar power] The solar and light are separate, and the cable is 5 meters long, so the solar panel can be installed on a sunny place such as a roof, wall, or entrance. The light can be installed anywhere you like, such as indoors. Sufficient lighting and security effect. It provides a nice lighting effect at night and is perfect for security effects. Every time I come home at night, I illuminate the entrance and I can clearly see the keyhole. Compared to ordinary lights on the market, large solar panels can be charged in a short time.

[120 ° high sensitivity] Sensitivity is good, and this solar light is lit by human feeling and light sensor. The sensor mode is determined by the human feeling and the light sensor. This sensor mode can be turned on automatically when a person approaches within a range of 120 ° in a dark place, and turns off automatically when a person leaves.

[Waterproof function & durability] Made of durable ABS material, it can withstand a variety of harsh weather. The waterproof level is IP65, so you can use it safely even if you install it outdoors. (Note: It is waterproof, but it may break if it is completely submerged in water.)

[Used in various places] Illuminates gardens, posts, gardens, porch, garage, etc. at night to provide a nice lighting effect. It also has a crime prevention effect. The recommended installation height is 1.8-2 meters.

Material: Aluminum alloy, ABS
Dimensions: Light: 150 * 110 * 23mm Solar panel: 129 x 114 x 25mm 
Weight: Approximately 295g
Light source: COBLED (100 pieces)
Battery: 3.7v 2200mAh
Brightness: Approximately 1200 rumen
Waterproof and dustproof Performance: IP65
Solar panel: Polycrystalline silicon 5.5V
Set contents: Solar light x 2
Patch x 4
Screw x 16