EDF Submits Plans For 50MW UK Solar Project

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EDF Renewables is submitting a planning application for a 50MW solar farm in Norfolk, England. The developer is submitting plans for Bloy’s Grove, just south of Norwich, following feedback from local stakeholders and residents during an extended 10-week public consultation period. EDF Renewables has also carried out environmental impact assessments. Taking these and the feedback received into account, the developer has refined its plans and submitted a planning application to South Norfolk Council. The council will now consider the application and carry out its own public consultation on EDF Renewables’ plans, before reaching a decision.

If planning permission is granted, a community fund of £20,000 will be paid annually for the 35-year lifetime of the project, double the sum proposed during the consultation period. EDF Renewables has listened to the feedback received and has reduced the number of panel rows in the north-east of the site to reduce visual impact on nearby residents. The company will also improve biodiversity on site, such as planting trees, hedges, and wildflower and grass meadow throughout the site.  EDF Renewables has now also pledged to plant an orchard on the edge of the site and will organise community harvesting days.

Darren Cuming, planning and consent manager at EDF Renewables, said: “We are grateful for the feedback we received during the consultation, and are pleased to have been able to accommodate many excellent suggestions made to us in this final planning application, and mitigate some of the concerns held. “What came through strongly is that people recognise that action is needed to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies, with considerable interest in our pledge to improve biodiversity on site over the lifetime of the project. “Our engagement showed that people generally accept that solar is part of the solution but want projects to be sensitively developed. EDF Renewables is an experienced developer, and we are firmly committed to solar as a technology which will help us accelerate a net zero future where clean energy powers all our lives.”




Credits: renews.biz

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