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Low Carbon Launches Second 500MW PV Consultation

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Low Carbon has launched its second consultation on refined proposals to build a 500MW solar park and energy storage installation in eastern England. The consultation on the project at Gate Burton, in Lincolnshire, will run from 22 June to 5 August 2022. During this time, Low Carbon is asking for the views of communities living close to the site as well as those from the wider area. The consultation precedes Low Carbon submitting its application for development consent to the Planning Inspectorate. Comments will be invited on topics including the updated masterplan, visual impact considerations and the electrical connection into the national grid at Cottam substation. Low Carbon will also be asking people for their views on how community benefit initiatives linked to Gate Burton Energy Park could be administered and managed, as well as for further suggestions of local projects and community initiatives that could be supported. Mike Rutgers, development director at Low Carbon, said: “This is a major milestone for Low Carbon as we approach our planning submission. “We’ve taken into consideration the feedback provided by the local community earlier this year which, alongside our ongoing technical and environmental surveys, has helped us to refine our proposals to those you see today. “The community asked us to work with other developers in the area to reduce cumulative impacts. “You’ll see from our new plans that we’re proposing to do just that. By seeking to align our Grid Connect Route with other proposals in the area, we hope to pursue the most efficient way of working and minimise any adverse impacts on the community. “We’re looking forward to meeting the local community again in the coming weeks and explaining the measures we’re proposing to ensure Gate Burton Energy Park sits sensitively in the local landscape, preserving wildlife and habitat.” The land outlined for Gate Burton Energy Park is in the West Lindsey District near Gate Burton, Knaith Park and Willingham-by-Stow. The onsite energy storage system would provide a balancing service for the national grid. This would allow the renewable electricity generated by the panels to be stored on site at the times when grid-demand is low and then exported at times of higher demand, maximising the contribution of renewable energy to the national grid, and in turn, helping to address the climate emergency.





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