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BASF Signs 250MW Of US Wind, Solar PPAs

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German chemical business BASF has signed solar and wind PPAs for more than 20 production sites in the United States with a total capacity of 250MW.  BASF Corporation will purchase 100MW of electricity generated by Dawn Solar. An additional 150 MW of renewable energy capacity will be added through transactions with EDF Energy Services.

They will serve to compensate for fossil-fuel-generated electricity in the public grid, which is used at more than 20 BASF production sites in various locations.  The move means the share of renewable energies in BASF’s total electricity consumption in North America will rise to over 25%. BASF North America president Tobias Draft said: “These agreements help us meet our clean energy goals where the local electric utility is not providing enough renewable electricity. “At the same time, our financial commitment enables the realization of large solar and wind power projects and brings clean energy to the grid.”




Credits:[Image: BASF ]

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