NBD-UK054V Floodlight Solar Light 54 SDM LED Evolved Version 3 Mode 1300 Lumens Sensor Light 2400mAH Solar Charging No Power Supply IP65 Waterproof Dustproof Lighting


54 LED & high brightness & large capacity 2400mAh] Equipped with 54 high brightness LED lights. It automatically charges with solar energy in the daytime and converts it into electricity. With a maximum storage capacity of 2400mAh, it can be turned on about 380 times as a sensor mode light when charged for about 8 hours on a sunny day. Energy conversion rate is 17%! The electricity bill is 0, energy saving and eco-friendly.
[Three lighting modes]
Please press the mode button before installation, the mode changes by pressing once.
The power will be turned off the fourth time.
[Sensor mode] When it detects the movement of a person or animal at night or in the dark, it automatically turns on with high brightness and turns off after about 20 seconds when there is no movement. If you install it at the front door, it will illuminate your dark feet and hands when you come home or visit, so you can rest assured even at night.
[DIM mode] At night or when it gets dark, the light turns on automatically. When it senses the movement of a person or animal, it automatically turns on with high brightness, and when there is no movement, it returns to the lighting state with a weak light after about 15 seconds.
[Always on mode] Turns off in the daytime and in bright places. At night or when it gets dark, it automatically lights up with a weak light.
[Sensor sensing range 120 degrees] The sensor can detect people and other movements within a range of 120 degrees wide and up to 5M in dark places.

[Free angle adjustment] The
light can be rotated 180 degrees to the left and right, and the angle can be adjusted up to 90 degrees back and forth, so it can be installed at an angle that suits the usage environment.

[Waterproof function & durability]
Made of durable ABS material, it can withstand various harsh weather. The waterproof level is IP65, so you can use it safely even if you install it outdoors. (Note: It is waterproof, but it may break if it is completely submerged in water.)

[Used in various places]
Illuminates gardens, posts, gardens, porch, garage, etc. at night to provide a nice lighting effect. It also has a crime prevention effect.
[Product Details]
Material: ABS
Dimensions: Light: 90 x 90mm Solar panel: 148 x 70 x 40mm 
Weight: Approximately 250g
Light source: LED (54 SMD LEDs)
Battery: 3.7v 2400mAh
Brightness: 6000-6500K
Installation height: 3m -5m
waterproof / dustproof performance: IP65
solar panel: polycrystalline silicon 5.5V
Set contents: Solar light mounting patch, 1 set each of screws

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