NBD-UK060P LED60 Light Motion Sensor Light / Solar Panel


Focus high brightness with 60 Solar LED outdoor motion sensor. The light will automatically turn on when motion is detected.


Solar Lamp with 60 LED for outdoor rooms. It has a motion sensor that switches the light automatically.

You can easily adjust:
  • The intensity of the light. Adjust as you wish the powers of its 60 LED
  • The motion sensor. You can adjust the sensor to be missed if you do not want the movement of small things such as a pet.
  • Detection angle. You can adjust the distance around which detect movement.
  • The duration time of light. Once the light on when motion is detected, which may regulate TIME hard on.
This lamp is ready for the outside, being completely waterproof.
Has 5 rechargeable batteries using solar energy (zero energy expenditure). With fully charged battery has a run time of about 8 hours.

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