Gallium Arsenide (composition format:GaAs),is mainly used as semiconductor device material.
Compared with silicon,GaAs has the disadvantage of high-price and difficult to process etc however due to the high motion fuction and approx 1/3 of consumed electricity therefore it’s easier to be downsized. In recent years,thanks to the development of processing technology,GaAs device can also be provided at a lower price,which is widely used in applications mainly require a small size and high frequency property such like mobile phone,and LED application,laser application.


  • Growth: VGF
  • Type/Dopant: N-type/Si・Te, P-type/Zn, Semi-Insulating/Un-doped
  • Diameter2inch ~ 3inch
  • Orientation(100)・(110)・(111)~(611)For other orientation and off-orientation,please ask us.
  • FinishingSingle side mirror polished, Double sides mirror polished, Epi-ready.For other treatment,please ask us.
  • Thickness2inch: 350or500um, 3inch: 625um
  • Others: For career concentration, resistivity, mobility, it can be specified within the allowable range.

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