InAs (Indium Aesenide) of III-V group compound is a single crystal made by LEC method. Wafer substrate is thinly sliced from single crystal ingot,then polished to epi-ready. InAs can be used in different wide areas such like measurement and analysis as infrared detector element by performing epitaxial layer to wafer substrate.



  • Growth – LEC
  • Type/Dopant – N-type/S, Un-doped, P-type/Zn
  • Diameter – 2inch ~ 3inchOrientation(100)・(110)・(111)~(611)For other orientation and off-orientation,please ask us.
  • Finishing – Single side mirror polished, Double sides mirror polished, Epi-ready. For other treatment,please ask us.
  • Thickness2inch: 500um, 3inch: 625um For other thickness,please ask us.
  • Others – For career concentration, resistivity, mobility, it can be specified within the allowable range.
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