About Us


Norbida UK LTD  is the energy products brand that provides young,fashion,portable,and energy saving products,such as Solar Street Light,Solar Motion Wall Light,Solar Garden Light .We are  an innovative and high technology enterprise which focus on research and development,manufacturing,OEM order processing and brand operation .Norbida Limited (Hong Kong) provides ultra high cost-effective products to customers,we are in good commercial reputation,perfect service and high quality,innovative products to show customers. 

Going solar not only allows homeowners and businesses to save money, but as an added bonus it helps lower a company or business’carbon footprints the reduction of which is another popular trend to watch nowadays.

Management Principles

Norbida UK LTD obtain materials that customers are looking for from home and abroad as a specialized trading company of electronic materials for semiconductor, and unite processing technology of affiliated companies for our offering high-value-added products. We would contribute to the development of the semiconductor industry by offering technical information accumulated through our experiences, and the use.

Our Spirit

Norbida UK LTD always see the future of Electronics industry from a global standpoint.

Norbida UK LTD has taken part in the global network-making in people-to-people,company-to-company relations in the electronics industry exceeding supply of services such as accurate information about the global market and the latest technological know-how. The electronic industry is greatly related to the society and people’s lives, and give the direct influence in the future. We should be proud of a member of this industry and greatly contribute to the development of the electronics industry in the spirit that always leads the industry in the future.