NBD-UK01B Solar Room & Garden Light w/Mosquito Killer

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Quick details : 

1.Detachable design ,multi use for home and garden 

2. With mosquito killer function ;  

3. Intelligent Energy saving, 

4. Use the advanced lithium battery to charging management chips.


1)  Wireless, easy install on the wall in any place where can get sunshine for charging

2)  Aluminum shell for good quality, waterproof and heatproof, durable and long life span .

3)  Battery inside with safety performance, overcharging and discharging protection .

4)  Dim light mode for energy saving .

5)  It costs virtually nothing to operate as it does not rely on electricity from your home.

6)  This motion detector light is great for added security around your home. Light your way to avoid trip hazards and dangers in the dark.

Applications and Installation

1. Corridor                            2. Entrance of the door

3. Mailbox                             4. Garden

5. Fence of the house           6. Street

7. Outdoor/ indoor                 8. Parking

Packing & Shipping :


1. Product size:L136 *W 136 *H130mm
N.W.: 0.308KG
2.Color box size:L145*w145*H148mm
3.Master carton size:460*470*335mm