Sensor Light Solar Light Garden 48 LED Outdoor Indoor Security Prevention Disaster Prevention Waterproof Human Feeling Lighting High Brightness Automatic Lighting Off Parking IP65 4 Pouches

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LED sensor light with motion sensor.
Forty-eight LEDs illuminate the subject brightly.

Turns on and off when the high-sensitivity sensor detects movement.
It is
economical to charge (store) solar power with a solar panel during the day .
Solar charging method, no battery power required, no wiring required, lightweight,
compact and easy to install.

IP65 waterproof (not completely waterproof) allows for
outdoor use!
For crime prevention and disaster prevention measures at home.

Location is also the roof, under the eaves, eaves, outdoor passage, storeroom (shed),
garage, warehouse, parking lot, stairs, garage, post, such as a car port
in a variety of locations, Monto and porch lights, garden lights, as
your receive.

* It will not light unless it is dark.

■ Specifications
Size: Length 12.3cm x Width 9.4cm x Height 4.8cm
Weight: Approximately 157g
Charging time: Approximately 8 hours of sunshine
Sensor distance: Maximum approximately 3m
Sensor angle: 120 °

Number: 4 pieces

Before use Charge it in a sunny place for at least 8 hours.
The switch switches between "off" and "sensor mode".
Even if you operate the switch in a bright place, the light will not turn on.