Solar LED floodlight with latest warning function 100W x 2 "with optical sensor and remote control" Automatic lighting / extinguishing-Construction The most enemy in road emergencies!

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Latest model Solar LED floodlight with warning function 100W x 2 "With light sensor and remote control" Automatic lighting / extinguishing

● It is possible to illuminate two places with one set.
● Equipped with a 152 LED chip that emits very powerful light! Super bright! !!
● Usage time: Approximately 8 hours on a full charge
● Charging time: (Sunny) Approximately 8 hours
● Solar rechargeable 100W high power LED floodlight
● LED consumes less power and generates less heat, and is recommended because it lasts a long time!
● The main body is highly waterproof and can be used outdoors with peace of mind.
● Equipped with high-brightness SMD, it is small but very bright, and it is a very convenient item on sidewalks at night or in places where power cannot be obtained!
● The light turns on automatically when the surroundings become dark, and turns off when the surroundings become bright.
● It is very noticeable because it is fortified as a warning function.
● You can change the amount of light to 50% mode or 100% mode by remote control operation, and you can also change the light emission time!
● Angle adjustment is also possible.
◆ Main applications ◆
● Road emergencies, factories, workshops, schools, public places, warehouses, parking lots, offices, exhibition halls, fish fields, work lights, security lights, parking lot lights, LED work lights, outdoor lights, streets It is useful in various scenes such as street lights, garden lights, camp lights, entrance night lights, etc.

Number of LEDs: 144 white + 4 red + 4 blue
Size: Main body (approx.) (Width 210 mm x Length 150 mm) x 2
Solar Panel: Size (approx.) 500mm * 350mm
Solar panel: (approx.) 6V 20W Polycrystalline Silicon
Rechargeable Battery: 20000mAh
Waterproof Class: IP66
Light source: White Red Blue
Irradiation angle: 120-180 degrees 
Irradiation time: 10-24h
Wiring length: Approximately 5m
Set contents: Please refer to the photo.