NBD-UK03D Solar Plaza LED Light w/ Insect Killer

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 Product  Features:

1. Lighting mode:  After turn on ,it has a 5 hours full bright ,then 30% dim light +Light sensor
    Landscape Led Light: Color Changing by Remote Control 
2. Protect function: Over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit
3.Automatically turn on at dusk and turn off when dawn 
4.Advantage for electronic of solar plaza led light : 
a) Constant voltage 4.2V charging type
b) Input current limited
c) Output current limited
d) Back flow current proof for solar cell
e) High efficiency
  •  Wireless, easy install on the wall in any place where can get sunshine for charging
  • Aluminum shell for good quality, waterproof and heatproof, durable and long life span .
  • Battery inside with safety performance, overcharging and discharging protection .
  • Light sensor.
  • It costs virtually nothing to operate as it does not rely on electricity from your home.
  • This motion detector light is great for added security around your home. Light your way to avoid trip hazards and dangers in the dark.

Applications and Installation:

1)Billboard          2)Outdoor

3)Garden            4)Corridor

5) Park               6)Street

Packing Size : L630*W630*H300mm 
Net Weight : 7.5 Kg
Gross Weight:8.5 Kg